Improving investor experience with new Auto-Invest Portfolio and User Experience tweaks

Over the past few months we have been hard at work putting together a major release that would improve on the core investment experience of Swaper. Next time you log in you will be greeted by a new account Overview; a reworked Auto-Invest Portfolio functionality; identification document upload functionality along with several overall user experience improvements. To see the changes either log in to your investor account or see a guided overview here.

Introducing Auto-Invest Portfolios We are combining the best features of the Auto-Invest and Portfolio functionality into one – Auto-Invest Portfolio. With the new functionality you will be able to either create a quick portfolio with pre-defined loan selection criteria or choose to adjust each selection criteria based on your individual preference. Once you create your Auto-Invest Portfolio it will appear in the Overview section where you will be able to edit, pause, delete or restart your portfolio. Redesigned Account Overview The Account Overview is the first screen you see when you log in. Thus, it should quickly give you the key information you need to track the performance of your investments and provide you with most commonly used actions. Data from our analytics was showing that most investors need to scroll down to see data on the performance of their investment. To fix this we moved all key data to the top for easy viewing. Our data was telling us that key actions performed by investors are – i) Adding funds, ii) Withdrawing funds, iii) Looking at loan list for manual buying. We have now made all of these actions available in the investor overview. And, finally, our data was showing us, and investor feedback was telling us that you want to see the performance of individual portfolios. So, we included these in the overview for easy viewing and management. Investor Identity Verification Requirement Up until now we have asked our investors to verify their identity (by uploading documents) once they are requesting a money withdrawal. With recent changes to European anti-money laundering and terrorist financing prevention rules we are changing this procedure and will require investors to verify their identity before allowing use of the platform. The next time you log in you will see a notification asking you to upload a valid copy of your passport/ID card along with a utility bill to verify your identity. A new functionality in the My Profile section of your account will allow you to do this in less than a few minutes. Investors who have already uploaded documents will not see this notification and will not be asked to upload documents again.





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