How to create and set up an Auto-Invest Portfolio?

Once you have added funds to your investor account, you are able to create your first Auto-Invest Portfolio.

The Auto-Invest Portfolio is the recommended form of investment with Swaper as it will automatically invest into loans based on your selected criteria.

From the investor overview screen choose the amount and term of your auto-invest portfolio with the sliders. On the right side you will see the expected return for your planned investment. Then click “Create Portfolio”.

Here you can name your portfolio, check the amount and term once more along with your expected return. Once you agree to the terms you can finish creating your auto-invest portfolio or you can choose to adjust specific loan selection criteria by clicking “more options”. If you don’t make any adjustments, your portfolio will be created with default criteria- maximum investment in one loan 500 euros, any remaining loan amount available for investment, any loan term, investment in loans issued in any of countries, reinvestment of the money and investment in extended and delayed loans.

The default loan selection criteria have been set so as to maximize the amount of loans that you can invest in. As you adjust the criteria note that this might limit the amount of loans that fit your criteria and thus limit your investment opportunities.

Let us take a look at the loan selection criteria.

Annual interest sets the range of interest rates that should be selected. All loans on Swaper come at a standard 12% rate so recommendation is to leave this to the default settings.

Max investment in one loan specifies the maximum amount that will be invested into a single loan. The auto invest portfolio will invest any amount into a loan from zero up to the amount you select here. Recommendation is to keep this number above 100 or leave it at the default value of 500.

This indicates how much principal amount is available in loan for investment. Recommendation is to set this criteria from 0 to at least a few hundred euros or leave it to the default values.

Loan term in months indicates the maturity of loans that should be selected.

Don’t invest if balance is below allows you to set a rule that says that no new investments should be made on the investor account if the amount of available funds is below a set threshold.

The countries dropdown allows you to choose countries where the loans have been originated.

The ‘Reinvest’ button indicates whether you would like for the received interest and principal payments to be reinvested into new loans.

The ‘Extended’ button indicates whether the auto-invest portfolio should select loans that have been extended meaning the borrower has paid interest on the loan, but has deferred the payment of principal.

The ‘Delayed’ button indicates whether the auto-invest should select loans that been delayed meaning the borrower is late with the payment of interest and principal.

Once you are satisfied with your loan selection criteria you need to agree to the terms and click “Create portfolio”.

Please note that you can always edit, pause of delete an existing portfolio from the account overview.

Happy investing with Swaper!





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