Answering the Top 5 Questions from Swaper Investors

With an increasingly growing number of investors joining Swaper we thought we help you by answering some of the most frequent questions we have received in the last few months. If you have a question that is not answered here or in our FAQ, be sure to contact our support team.

Why are there no loans available when I click “invest manually”?

Generally, what this means is that there is more demand (i.e. available investor funds for investment) than there is supply (i.e. available loans for investment). While the number of loans put on the platform is growing each month so too is the number of our investors. To ensure that your money gets invested our recommendation is to set up an Auto-Invest Portfolio so that whenever loans are being put onto the platform a share of your available funds gets invested automatically.

Can I use Transferwise for both incoming and outgoing payments?

Your initial deposit of funds to your Swaper account should always be from your bank account to allow us to verify your identity and your account ownership. Additional deposits to your investor account can be made via Transferwise, but remember to include your Swaper ID number (found under the ‘Add Funds’ sections of ‘My Profile’). Please note that funds that have been transferred from an account other than your bank account or any other transfers that cannot be directly linked to your investor ID will be returned and not added to your Swaper account. Withdrawals from your Swaper account can only be made to a bank account you own. Withdrawals to Transferwise accounts are not currently possible.

How do I know that my Auto-Invest Portfolio is working?

Once you have added funds to your investor account, you are able to create your first Auto-Invest Portfolio. The Auto-Invest Portfolio is the recommended form of investment with Swaper as it will automatically invest into loans based on your selected criteria.

If you have used the recommended default settings of the Auto-Invest Portfolio you can be sure that all or a share of your available funds will be invested in a day or two. The default loan selection criteria have been set to maximize the amount of loans that you can invest in. As you adjust the criteria note that this might limit the amount of loans that fit your criteria and thus limit your investment opportunities. In some cases this may mean that your manually adjusted criteria have been adjusted to a degree that very few actual investments can be made by the Auto-Invest Portfolio. If you are unsure whether your Auto-Invest Portfolio is working or has been properly set up, our recommendation is to wait a day or two to check whether investments are being made and, if not, reach out to our support team for help.

How do I obtain the Loyalty bonus of +2% on my investments?

The Loyalty Bonus is granted when your total account value has been 5000 EUR or more (or equivalent amount in GBP) for three consecutive months. Similarly, If your total account value drops below 5000 EUR (due to withdrawals) for three consecutive months, you lose the bonus. The system will check the value of your account at the end of each calendar month. This means if you have registered as an investor on, for example, January 11 and added 5000 euros then January will already count towards your Loyalty Bonus check.

Do I have to pay taxes on the returns I receive?

Swaper does not make any tax deductions from the interest you receive as an investor. Hence any tax filings and related payments are the responsibility of the individual investor. If you have questions regarding taxes on the profit received, please contact your local state revenue service. For tax filing purposes we recommend you use the ‘Income Statement’ tool found under ‘My Profile’.





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