Swaper’s three years journey: 2800 investors have funded over 7 mln EUR in loans

October is the month of the year when we are celebrating Swaper’s birthday. This year our birthday has a special meaning as we are also celebrating passing the 7 mln EUR in loans funded through Swaper platform, which is amazing growth comparing to the amount of 180 806 EUR three years ago. With loans being added from Poland, Denmark and Spain each day and our active investors’ community growing significantly, we’d like to take a moment and reflect back to our first three years of operations. It’s been a great journey, so continue reading to get a glimpse of how we’ve come so far, and what will be the things you can look forward to when it comes to our activities in the upcoming period.

Developing into a leading P2P loan marketplace

Not too long ago Swaper was just an idea scribbled on a piece of paper. Now we’re looking at more than 2800 investors from 27 countries who have collectively funded more than 7 mln EUR million euros worth of loans. When launching Swaper back in 2016 our goals was to create a simple loan marketplace that would take away a lot of the complexity associated with P2P loan marketplaces, yet still allow our investors to earn great returns.

Until today we’ve kept that promise and all the improvements have been deeply rooted in the data we’ve gathered from our analytics tools alongside with the direct feedback received from our investors, and observations in blogs and forums. For example, in 2018 we conducted investors survey to understand where our investors’ community stands in certain issues, whether some features need to be added, changed or taken out, and capture more formally overall recommendations for improving Swaper.

With this feedback, we’ve moved forward and developed a platform which 91% of our investors are satisfied with. Given the level of experience of our investors and so many available platforms to choose from, we’ve found this to be very encouraging to move forward.

With features such as high single interest rate (12%), well-performing Auto Invest Portfolio tool, BuyBack, Swaper Loyalty Bonus and much more, our aim has always been to take away the headache of investors in managing daily risks and return. We are staying true to these goals today as much as three years ago. We are proud that today our challenges are not anymore about how to gain a foothold in a crowded market, but how to become a leading loan marketplace.

A constant supply for the growing demand on our loan marketplace

At Swaper, we have mostly experienced a successfully balanced fluctuation of supply and demand on our loan marketplace. However, as our platform continues to gain visibility, we’re also experiencing strong growth in the number of active investors using our marketplace.

Increased demand for loans has of course occasionally affected the dynamics of the loan offering and there have been periods when investors’ demand has outpaced loan supply, and as result investors might have noticed times when there are fewer loans available for investment.

However, we’re working hard to meet the demand and the total number of loans funded continues to grow strongly. Currently, we are putting around 2 million euros worth of new loans up for investment every month, which is about a 100% increase from where we were at the beginning of the year. These loans are quickly bought up by Auto Invest Portfolio tool thus we always suggest our investors to make sure they’ve set up their portfolios accordingly.

Diving deeper in the numbers, as of today, we have offered over 7 mln EUR worth of loans on the platform. Our investors’ have earned a total of 1 408 885 EUR which three years ago was 38 945 EUR. We’re really proud to share these numbers and our achievements have also been recognized with two awards - Bankingcheck and Ekomi "Best Crowdlending Platform 2019" and Wealth & Finance International "The Best P2P European Loan Platform in 2019".

2020 and upcoming years outlook

We see these milestones and recognitions as checkpoints and confirmation that what we have done ever since founding Swaper in 2016, makes sense, is justified, and has growing potential on the ever-expanding market.

Next and in the upcoming years, we will focus on growing both sides of the marketplace by satisfying increasing investor demand. We’re planning to introduce new loan originators, and launch a range of exciting new products and features to enhance our already impressive platform. These developments will drive us to even greater global renown and establish us as the ideal platform for anyone seeking financial services.

“Swaper has come a long way and with each milestone reached we get more confirmation and excitement to continue doing what we’re doing. We’re very thankful that so many investors have chosen Swaper as their preferred marketplace for investments in loans,” says Danija Misus, Swaper Product Owner.

And it’s true - we wouldn’t be here without our growing investors community, that’s why we want to thank you for your patience, trust and time by giving suggestions, comments and feedback. Today we celebrate together!





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