9 out of 10 Investors satisfied with the Level of Return received on Swaper

Friday, June 22, 2018


We have been publishing snippets of insights from our investor survey over the past several weeks. Read ahead for the full story and some previously unpublished data. 


Overall, we got a very healthy response rate of 30%, which allows us to reliably draw conclusions about our whole investor population. 


Investors with Experience




For most investors Swaper is part of a bigger portfolio of peer-to-peer investments. Our investor survey shows most investors invest in at least four other loan marketplace platforms. Specifically, 89% of our investors also invest on Mintos, 66% on TWINO, 52% on Bondora, 51% on Robocash, 41% on Viainvest.  







9/10 Satisfied Investors 




91% of investors said that they are satisfied with the level of return they are receiving on Swaper. Given the level of experience of our investors and so many available platforms to choose from, we find this result to be very encouraging. 









BuyBack Guarantee, Loyalty Bonus, and 12% Rate for All Loans 






We asked our investors why Swaper is a great platform to invest in. The number one response we got (45% said this) was the BuyBack Guarantee for all listed loans. This was closely followed by the Loyalty Bonus offered (24%) and a the 12% for all listed loans (16%). 







Our Key Takeaway Going Forward


Overall, our key takeaway from the survey is that our investors are very satisfied with the platform and the return they are receiving, but would like to see us adding new markets to invest in (54% said this) along with new investment products (44% said this).



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